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Welcome to the Fairhaven, MA, Business Pages.

This site is intended to give both visitors and residents basic information about a wide variety of Fairhaven businesses, listed alphabetically in a number of different categories. Using the links on the left side of the page, you can find lists of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, lodging accomodations, marinas, banks, and many other retail and service establishments. There is no paid advertising on this site.

In the cases where businesses have provided links to a website, you may click on a business name to be redirected directly to its website. Business names appearing in blue are links.

This site is maintained by the Town of Fairhaven Office of Tourism. It grew out of an earlier "Fairhaven, MA, Shopping and Dining" site that was compiled in 2007-2008 by volunteer Matt Richard. Every effort is being made to keep these lists complete and up to date. (Please see the note below.)

Thank you for using this site and for supporting local businesses in our community.

NOTE: These pages are under construction. More listings are being added and updated regularly. To add your business to a list, make changes, corrections, add a web link or email address, contact

Fairhaven businesses may also display brochures, fliers, coupons, cards, take-out menus, etc., free of charge at the Fairhaven Visitors Center, 141 Main Street.